The Diary of a Dragonfly

A Devotional for Overcoming Obstacles & Letting Go

In today’s world, dragonflies are symbols of transformation, a change in perspective, potential, maturity, and character.

They represent our ability to overcome our obstacles and hardships, reminding us to find our own strength and peace. As we humans fight to make sense of change, transition, and the frightening unknown future, we become entangled in the muddy sludge of self-doubt, frustration, and anxiety. We become so entrenched to the bottom of our own mire of despair that we forget to look up above the waterline, slowly trying to drown us. Dragonflies possess a curiosity for the world around them, and they are often associated with water. It hovers above the water’s surface and looks deeper down into the depths until it finds us anchored to the bottom of the pond. It does not just glance our way and leave; it stays with us until we change our perspective and begin to understand our lives’ deeper meaning and purpose. The dragonfly just continues to beat its wings; this reminds us that it can only fly above us because with age and maturity comes wisdom. It took most of its earthly life to learn how to fly; t did not happen overnight. The ancient dragonfly teaches us to love living our lives, rejoice through it all, and have faith even amidst our greatest difficulties.