Find Your Inner Child Again!

I found my inner child and thrived!

Find Your Inner Child Again!

I am a weaver of worlds, a teller of tales, and the creator of a modern-day fairy-tale collection. But I’ve also lived the “grown-up life” of a teacher, training consultant, public speaker, and video game tester. It was through experiencing the growing pains of disease and loss that I almost forgot to acknowledge the child who still dwelt inside me. Her voice was almost drowned out by the roar of responsibilities and regret. It was then that I asked myself, “What does finding your inner child mean to me?”

Once I gave that little girl her voice again, my spark of creativity flickered to life again!


Join me on my journey! Together we will:

  • learn how to listen for that little voice inside all of us!

  • acknowledge your own unique sense of creativity!

  • find your fairy tale ending!

  • get back to being a kid again!

Want to get a head start on finding your inner child?

  1. Check out my books, written with kids of all ages in mind!

Devotionals for living with obstacles and learning to let go………….. Modern-Day Fairy Tales about acknowledging each other’s inner child’s spirit

2. Read my blog entries, and see how I learned to listen to my inner kid.

3. Visit the blog entry, How My Happy Vibes Found Her Inner Child Again, that changed how I see my world– it just might change the way you see yours!

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