Anne Marie Lucci-Stahl is a weaver of worlds, teller of tales, and the creator of the Resident Witch series, a modern-day fairy-tale collection. She’s lived the life of a teacher, training consultant, public speaker, and video game tester. Her best life is that of wife to a retired police officer and mother to two adult sons. 

When she’s not writing about her hometown and witches, Anne Marie writes daily devotionals for families. Using her own experiences, she creates her stories of faith. She wrote her first book, The Invisible Line, for fellow police wives and is supported by the Police Wives of America organization. She also writes devotionals about overcoming obstacles and letting go of fear.

Living with an autoimmune disease, she left her teaching job behind her and focused on writing full-time. But in the process, she learned to appreciate the little things even more….. like hunting for fairy doors in the woods and stopping to smell the wildflowers along the way.

Anne Marie can be reached through email: annemarieluccistahl@gmail.com. 

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