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Writing my books was one of the greatest benefits of giving my inner child her voice again! The creation of my modern-day fairy tales and devotional stories of encouragement helped guide me to a new life path. Scroll down for a better look at each book by clicking on the covers! And don’t forget to check out my Amazon Author Page!

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Anne Marie, I have so enjoyed reading your book and feel I am a better person for it. We are so blessed being able to have resources like yours that help us feel a little less alone in this world! I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors!

– Alyssa J. of Police Wives of America– The Invisible Line

I loved reading this because I grew up in a small town not unlike Castor and there is a bit of nostalgia feeling the closeness of the community and the values of all these characters. But, the fun in this story is right up my alley and left me with a smile on my face long after I finished. I enjoyed the way this “witch hunt” played out! (And the recipes will be tried out as well!)

A. Durn– Tea Leaves & Trouble

Great book that I passed around to my entire family! Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Erica Paul– Tea Leaves & Trouble

What a great sequel to Tea Leaves and Trouble. Love the descriptions of small town Castor and Trestle Cove. With the author’s description you can feel yourself immersed right with the characters. Very entertaining…looking forward to future additions to this fun story!

Rob– Cousins & Cauldrons

5.0 out of 5 stars 
The Encouragement Needed for Our Weary World
While I myself struggle with the concepts of ‘faith’ and ‘hope, this book gives you the encouragement to recognize that everyone struggles and suggests ways to deal with or overcome life’s uncertainties. It also respects that people are inherently unique, so there are varied suggestions on connecting with what faith and hope mean to you. Very inspirational and highly recommended.

Erin Barker– The Diary of a Dragonfly

Great book by a woman with a great heart.

ZumbaMom– The Invisible Line

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