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Proofreading, Editing, and Writing Services

I am here to help you bring your creation into full bloom!

Send me your Autobiographies and Biographies, Classroom Materials, Cookbooks, eBooks, Fiction (Novels, novellas, short stories, etc.), Journal articles, Newsletters, Non-fiction, Textbooks, Screenplays…… and so much more!

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Proofreading Services include:

  • Trouble shoot and fine-tune cosmetic errors.
  • Catch surface issues with grammar/spelling/content. (Not re-working any text or re-arranging content at this stage.)
  • Usually a last step in the writing process, this service gives the writer a fresh set of eyes that scans for the smallest oversight or misprint.
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Copy Editing Services include:

  • A thorough study to make sure that the writer’s style flows well and is grammatically correct.
  • An expert’s eye that can restructure paragraphs and rework sentences.
  • A dedicated analyzer who can verify research and facts’ accuracy.
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Rewriting Services include:

  • Sometimes a text needs a complete rewrite, and sentence surgery may be needed.
  • Your work will always be your creation; I will gently peel away the layers of the world you created. I adjust the mechanics of the words so that the readers are mesmerized by your vision.

My Credentials

*Bachelor of Arts in English
*Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development and Training
*Prior teaching experience from Pre-school level to Adult Basic Education level, focusing on Family Literacy
*Corporate training consultant with a speciality in Time Management and Life Skills

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