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My life has been filled with vibes… those feelings that vibrate and energize my very soul… as I’ve traversed along my journey’s path. Walk along with me as I explore what our own vibes have to offer to each of us!

Do You Worry… Journal?

I write every day. It may not be a lot of words. It might not be for everyone to read. But I write every day. Lists Reminders Notes for future projects around the house And some days, even a chapter or two of a book. I have notebooks for just about everything under the sun.… Continue reading Do You Worry… Journal?

Hello, September!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald BOOK NEWS! The newest Resident Witch arrived in Castor County on August 25th!Bicycles and Broomsticks picks upwhere Cousins and Cauldrons left off– Sunny’s bookstore is runningsmoothly, with cousins Cecelia andLilia behind the counter. Theirbusiness’ neighbor, The SqueakyWheel, is ramping up… Continue reading Hello, September!


The newest Resident Witch is arriving this week! Catch up with the Castor County crew as they settle in for some summer fun. They soon realize the newest addition to their group may just have been hiding in plain sight— in Lorry Landing! Paperback and Ebook will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Ebook… Continue reading AVAILABLE ON AUGUST 25th!

Write Those Stories!

I must admit that after my mother passed away in July, it was challenging to pick up my pencil and put it on paper again. My writing routine became lost in the sea of grief as I tried to comprehend what had ultimately transpired during the previous two months. But there was a book that… Continue reading Write Those Stories!


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