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My life has been filled with vibes… those feelings that vibrate and energize my very soul… as I’ve traversed along my journey’s path. Walk along with me as I explore what our own vibes have to offer to each of us!

How My Happy Vibes Found Her Inner Child Again!

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning, only to crawl back under the covers and wonder if you could just hide from the cruel, mean world for the day? Have you thought maybe, just maybe, if you build your pillow fort high enough, the debt collectors might give up calling you? Have… Continue reading How My Happy Vibes Found Her Inner Child Again!

My Lost Vibes

My Lost Vibes I lost something important to me a few weeks ago. I didn’t misplace it; it was so special to me that I knew exactly where it was every minute of my day. It hadn’t forgotten it; I remembered every detail of it. I didn’t stop paying attention to it; it was part… Continue reading My Lost Vibes

A Message to the Class of 2020

As we start to look forward to lessening the shelter-in-place orders around the country, our children are coming out of their homes looking upon a very different world from when they entered them over two months ago. They miss their friends, activities and even classroom discussions. But it’s the Class of 2020 who will mourn… Continue reading A Message to the Class of 2020


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