Tea Leaves and Trouble

Castor’s Resident Witch

The autumn winds blow into the small town of Castor, carrying the smells of pumpkins and candy mixed in with a sense of mischief.

Ernie and Zelda start the new school year with expectations of the same old grind. One Saturday morning changes everything, though, when a mysterious neighbor moves in next door. Determined to discover who it is, Ernie calls in reinforcements, in the form of his friends, to do some detective work. They quickly realize that the dilapidated house seemingly changes overnight, leading to even more suspicion.

Will the crew’s investigation go a little too far as they delve deeper into the case, putting themselves and the mystery person at risk?

Enjoy this modern-day fairy tale about cottage witches. Join Ernie and Zelda in not only finding out who moved in next door, but how one can truly accept others in the process.