Bicycles and Broomsticks

Lorry Landing’s Resident Witch

Summer winds herald the season of school breaks and wedding bells. However, the Hawthornes find no rest and relaxation. They learn that the newest resident witch may have been under their noses all along.

Sunny’s bookstore is running smoothly, with cousins Cecelia and Lilia behind the counter. Their business’ neighbor, The Squeaky Wheel, is ramping up for a busy summer of bicycle rentals and repairs, and the local kids are home for the next few months. Cecelia’s children soon find that she seems quite Un-Momma-ish, and they are determined to figure out why. Along the way, they discover their answer may lie in Lorry Landing.

Join Cecelia and the crew as they figure out the importance of tradition truly means in Book Three of the Resident Witch Series!