The Chemistry of Happiness

Welcome back! On our next stop in finding our Inner Child, we’re going to explore the chemistry of happiness. Let’s start out with this question. “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!” A childhood staple in any music class, and usually sung with great exuberance. When was the last time you sangContinue reading “The Chemistry of Happiness”

Our Inner Child Adventure Begins Today!

What if I told you that the world would continue to turn without your help? How about if I pointed out that the sun still rises and sets on time without you needing to remind them to do so? What if I reminded you that your mind still remembers what it was like to beContinue reading “Our Inner Child Adventure Begins Today!”

Grandma’s Christmas Oranges

What do oranges have to do with Christmas stockings? Busy putting up the garland and setting out the candles, I rushed around the house. Everything needed to be ready for Santa’s visit. I doublechecked all the gifts for the stockings, yet to be hung by the chimney. Balancing tins of cookies in one hand andContinue reading “Grandma’s Christmas Oranges”

I Loved You at Your Darkest

“I loved you at your darkest.” ~Romans 5:8 How would you describe the word dark? What comes to mind? Does your description look different now than it did at an earlier point in your life? Is it something you can visualize in your mind’s eye? Can you smell it or touch it? It’s amazing whatContinue reading “I Loved You at Your Darkest”

Do You Worry… Journal?

I write every day. It may not be a lot of words. It might not be for everyone to read. But I write every day. Lists Reminders Notes for future projects around the house And some days, even a chapter or two of a book. I have notebooks for just about everything under the sun.Continue reading “Do You Worry… Journal?”

Hello, September!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald BOOK NEWS! The newest Resident Witch arrived in Castor County on August 25th!Bicycles and Broomsticks picks upwhere Cousins and Cauldrons left off– Sunny’s bookstore is runningsmoothly, with cousins Cecelia andLilia behind the counter. Theirbusiness’ neighbor, The SqueakyWheel, is ramping upContinue reading “Hello, September!”


The newest Resident Witch is arriving this week! Catch up with the Castor County crew as they settle in for some summer fun. They soon realize the newest addition to their group may just have been hiding in plain sight— in Lorry Landing! Paperback and Ebook will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. EbookContinue reading “AVAILABLE ON AUGUST 25th!”

An Interview with Police Wives of America

Forever thankful to the national organization, Police Wives of America, for taking the time to read and share The Invisible Line with all of their followers! It was a pleasure to chat with Alyssa about my own experiences as a LEO’s wife for the past 26 years. It was also a sobering moment to realize that myContinue reading “An Interview with Police Wives of America”