Our Inner Child Adventure Begins Today!

unrecognizable happy people jumping in sunset
unrecognizable happy people jumping in sunset

What if I told you that the world would continue to turn without your help? How about if I pointed out that the sun still rises and sets on time without you needing to remind them to do so? What if I reminded you that your mind still remembers what it was like to be a child? When bedtimes were early and little things in life brought great joy? Can you revisit that childhood without losing focus on your adult life? Are you able to find your inner child?

I’m inviting you to find your Inner Child!

Adult life creeps into everyone’s lives at some point, usually so quiet that one can never pinpoint the moment or time. But somewhere along the line, it happens to all of us. Stuffed animals get packed into the attic, motivational speakers replace cartoon characters, and quirky stationery or fun trading cards become sterile letterhead and matter-of-fact business cards. And your inner child fades further into the corners of your memories.

But hasn’t there ever been a point where you just wish you had your favorite fluffy blanket? A cherished childhood book? Something you could not, for whatever reason, bring with you into your adult journey?

I used to joke about hiding under my bed until the real world wasn’t so scary. Well, that has not happened, and sadly, it doesn’t look like it will for a while. And my family would appreciate it if I came out of my cave every so often. They also like to see me healthy and engaged.

It seems when stress lurks around me for too long, my autoimmune diseases decide to rear their ugly heads, making the adult world even scarier. It was during one of these flares that I realized I was having trouble catching my breath; my chest tightened, and my breathing became quite shallow. I got lightheaded, and a great roar pulsated through my ears. I sat down, focusing on controlling my breath, and closed my eyes. Did I need to go to the ER? Was I having a heart attack? Panic attack? Checked heart rate—it was too high. Checked my blood pressure—it was too high. I checked my oxygen rate—you guessed it.

After a few minutes of focused breathing exercises, everything quickly came back to normal. Thankfully, it was not a heart attack or panic attack. It wasn’t low blood sugar.

I had been subconsciously holding my breath.
I forgot to breathe.

My body began sending out red flags, flares, anything it could, to let know me I needed to refill my lungs sooner than later.

Reminder to take a deep breath

It was then that I thought back to the many times before when I had to stop and take a big cleansing breath while I worked at my desk or folded laundry. My body had been reminding me to breathe.

Ever the researcher, I looked for others who had this happen to them. In my search, I came across an article about how children breathe differently than adults. It was then that I asked myself, why do we forget how to breathe properly as we get older?

And then I wondered, what if we honor the children who still live in our inner minds? Would they help us remember how to breathe? Then I took it even further. Would they remind us how to relax and have fun again? Would they help us thrive in this too-scary adult world?

So began the construction of this new chapter in my story—Finding My Inner Child.

Come with me as we explore what keeps our Inner Child hiding in the recesses of our minds!

We will figure out how to bring it back to the forefront without losing focus on our adult responsibilities and roles.

If you find that you:

  • Are too busy with deadlines and obligations
  • Would feel too guilty spending time and money on yourself
  •  Did not have a happy childhood

Then this journey is for you too!

In the following months, we will learn:

            How to breathe again

            How to look at time differently

            What our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is

            The benefits of Self-Care

            What real burnout looks like

            NOT to neglect ourselves

            How to heal our Inner Child

We will build a complete Inner Child Tool Box full of techniques and skills we can use daily!

As a welcome gift to you, I’ve included a FREE downloadable to get your Inner Child Tool Box started. Hopefully, it will help you focus on your breathing in a new, fun way. Click on the button below!

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