Hello, September!

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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald


The newest Resident Witch arrived in Castor County on August 25th!
Bicycles and Broomsticks picks up
where Cousins and Cauldrons left off– Sunny’s bookstore is running
smoothly, with cousins Cecelia and
Lilia behind the counter. Their
business’ neighbor, The Squeaky
Wheel, is ramping up for a busy
summer of bicycle rentals and repairs, and the local kids are home for the next few months. Cecelia’s children soon find that she seems quite Un- Momma-ish, and they are determined to figure out why. Along the way, they discover their answer may lie in Lorry Landing.
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This summer, I taught my young niece and nephew how to look for fairies in the woods. Armed with a bag of goodies only a fairy would appreciate (i.e., glittery, shiny gifts), we headed along the well-trodden path for their first glimpse of fairy magic. We saw our share of butterflies but always seemed to miss their winged friends. So while planning my upcoming trip to see them this month, I took to the Internet to find more adventures to take them on. That’s when I came across Snow White’s Bucket List. Beautifully put together by the “The Fairy Godmother of Fairy Tale Teas” herself, Marissa Kinsler shared this list, it seemed, just for me to find in time for my visit! Of course, I found her website and fell in love with her tea blends!

I am looking forward to having a cuppa after my next fairy adventure. Find the magic this month, and be sure to visit her site. I’ve left the link below!

Fairy Tale Teas

“Marissa Kinsler is the creator, founder, and lead Fairy Godmother of Fairy Tale Teas. 
Forever a lover of fairytale princesses, desserts, and romantic tea parties, Kinsler knew from a young age that she would live a life that celebrated all things abundantly beautiful. A life where she would not only enjoy magic, but share it with others.
Kinsler and her team of fae {fairytale creatures} scour countryside’s all over the world in search of the perfect fairytale to inspire each magical tea blend.”


Now you can listen to a soundtrack as you read about the Resident Witches! I handpicked each song to reflect scenes and characters in the stories! Just click on the link below to listen now, or go to Spotify and find The Resident Witch Series playlist. Curated just for you, each song reflects a scene or character from the books. Feel free to share and spread the word!

Spotify– The Resident Witch Playlist


No Judgements by Meg Cabot

Tell me what book you’re reading this month in the comment section below!

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