Write Those Stories!

I must admit that after my mother passed away in July, it was challenging to pick up my pencil and put it on paper again. My writing routine became lost in the sea of grief as I tried to comprehend what had ultimately transpired during the previous two months. But there was a book that I started and needed to finish. The next Resident Witch was waiting. However, just writing the word “Momma” became heartbreaking in a story about so many different mothers, so my notebook sat and waited.

I soon realized that I am a better person when I write, and my Momma would not want me to sit and stew about things I cannot control. She would tell me, “You will be fine; this too shall pass. Write those stories! I’m looking forward to what everyone is up to next!”

So, Lorry Landing’s Resident Witch is finally coming together nicely, and she’ll be arriving soon!!!

As always, thank you for always supporting me!

Look for Bicycles and Broomsticks: Lorry Landing’s Resident Witch soon!

Photo Credit: AMS

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