Grandma’s Advice

After celebrating Mother’s Day last week, my thoughts turned to my grandmothers. I am lucky enough to be (well) over the age of 40 and still have one feisty grandma living close by, losing my other grandmother only three years ago. And while remembering all of our years together, I realized they, along with my mom, taught me many of life’s lessons as well as how to be a lady in today’s world. And so I thought I would pass along this list to you while we continue to celebrate everything “Mother” this month.

Things My Grandma Taught Me

Always carry a tissue or two, or three or four.

You’re never fully dressed until your earrings are in place.

An afternoon of shopping should always include lunch.

Always buy a wallet that has a place to hide your fun money.

Treat your hairdresser so well that she feels like part of the family.

Take care of your teeth, whether they’re original or not.

Spoil those around you, for you’re together for only so long.

Underwear can be a good gift, as long as they’re given with really nice perfume.

A Shirley Temple can be a very classy drink when out to dinner.

Never forget how hard your parents worked to raise you.

Cherish every concert, program, and activity your grandchild attends with you.

Teach by example how God works in your life.

Never be afraid to show your weaknesses and your fight to battle them.

Use the fine china on holidays and share stories of those no longer here.

Make vacations possible.

Stuffing the turkey on Thanksgiving morning can be a wonderful family tradition.

Never take for granted a higher education.

Treat yourself well because if you don’t, no one else will.

Enjoy every moment with your spouse; they are so few in the scheme of things.

Let your grandchildren know who you were before you became Grandma.

Find a reason to laugh everyday.

Be someone’s fairy godmother.

And know that when you are given difficulties, God will always see you through, even to the end. 

Grandma and my Father
(Photo by John Lucci Sr.)

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